How to register / 参加登録方法

Please send an email to the symposium secretary, Prof. Shigehisa Akine (Kanazawa Univ).
[email: (please remove "_" before and after "@")]
Please include the following information in the email:
[1] Name
[2] Affiliation
[3] Postal address / ZIP
[4] Phone/Fax
[5] E-mail
[6] Student or non-student
[7] Attend banquet or not (Sptember 15th)

[email: ("@"の前後の"_"は削除してください)]
[1] 氏名(英語表記もお願いします)
[2] 所属(英語表記もお願いします)
[3] 郵便番号,所在地
[4] 電話/Fax
[5] E-mail
[6] 学生・一般の別
[7] 懇親会(9月15日)参加の有無

Registration fee

All fees are quoted in Japanese Yen and inclusive of Tax.

Registration type Registration fee (by July 21th)
The 2nd Japan-US Bilateral Meeting on Coordination Chemistry
Delegate 23,000 yen
Student 2,000 yen
Banquet on Sep. 15th 7,000 yen
The 67th conference of JSCC
JSCC or CSJ members (Non-student) 7,000 yen
JSCC or CSJ members (Student) 5,000 yen
Non-members (Non-student) 8,000 yen
Non-members (Student) 6,000 yen

Patricipants for this bilateral meeting are also requested to register the 67th JSCC conference. For the information about the on-site registration to the 67th JSCC conference, please visit the registration page.
本二国間会議への参加者は,錯体化学会第67回討論会にも参加登録する必要があります。 詳細は,第67回討論会の 「参加登録」ページをご覧ください。

Payment information / 参加登録費

Please pay the registration fee by cash at the conference registration desk.
The registration via the JSCC conference site has been closed [July 21st]. Those who registered via JSCC conference site are requested to pay the regstration fee by "Yubin Furikae" until July 28th.
Registration for this JPN-US Bilateral Meeting continues to be accepted via e-mail.

なお,錯体化学会第67回討論会のサイトからの参加登録受け付けは7月21日をもって終了しました。 すでに討論会サイトで参加登録をされている方は,7月28日までに振込を完了していただくようお願いいたします。 本二国間会議への参加登録はE-mailにて引き続き受け付けております。